Application for Consent

In order to begin the consent process, individuals must fill out an Application for Consent (available below in PDF format for printing) and submitted by personal or hired delivery or Canada Post mail to the Planning Board office. 

If you want to discuss your proposal and/or require assistance with your application or want to review it with NAPBoard staff please call 705-724-6758 to make an appointment.

Your submission package is to contain:

- The original Consent Application Form, in single page format with the signatures commissioned**, and a letter size sketch(s).

- The application fee (see Schedule of Fees). [payable by cheque or money order]

-  Documentation from applicable agencies noted in the applicaton form.

Important Notes:

Application Item 10 AFFDAVIT OR SWORN DECLARATION - Signature of the applicant(s) needs to be commissioned by a Notary Public or Commissioner of Oaths.** 

Application Item 11 AUTHORIZATION - The applicant(s) may appoint a person as their agent to process the application.

The application fee is non-refundable.

The cost of any required studies, planning consultation or legal opinions are at the expense of the applicant(s).

Prior to completing an application for Consent it is recommended that applicants arrange for a pre-consultation meeting* to discuss the documentation expected to accompany the application.

Applicants may also wish to consult with a solicitor for legal advice before making a submission.

Application for Consent Download PDF

*  a fee is charged for a pre-consultation meeting as outlined in the schedule of fees.

** the commissioner of oaths might require a fee.